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Printables vs. precious art

Let’s say that you’ve gotten a little bored with a certain picture. For quite some time, it’s been hanging on a wall in your home or workplace, and now, you’d like to put up something new, just to freshen up the look of your space.

Something is stopping you, however. You are reluctant to get rid of the picture because…

— You bought it at an art gallery for $300. You don’t want to throw away something that cost $300, do you?

— Your Uncle Fred painted the picture, and — whether or not he’s a good artist — he did make the picture himself, and it therefore reminds you of him. Uncle Fred was such a wonderful man!

— You don’t know who the artist is or was, but that doesn’t matter, either. The important thing is that it was handmade by a living, breathing human being. How can you throw away something like that?

So, yes, you may indeed have a “precious problem”; i.e., the artwork’s value is no longer connected with its function. Presumably, you put that art on the wall because you wanted it to delight the eye and lift the spirit. When the art no longer does that, then it’s time for something new and different. You owe it to yourself to change out the art in question, and if you can’t bring yourself to do that, the art has become “precious”.

Printables will help you to make that change. If you want to give your picture to a friend, or even throw it in the trash, go right ahead because the printable is not precious. You can print another copy for very little money, or replace it with a different image from this website and others like it.

The printables model doesn’t apply to all works of art. A desktop printer will really only help you to reproduce smaller images and designs. Still, those smaller pieces account for a large percentage of what people actually have on their walls.

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