Artist Proofs: A Special Offer

I use Printful to manufacture my prints. That company has a simple message for artists: Always order proofs before selling prints to the general public. A proof will demonstrate to the artist that Printful has a flawless digital file with correct color settings.

Being persuaded by this good advice, I ordered small proof prints of all six images in the Posters-Unframed section of my website.

I was delighted by the proofs that I got back from Printful. Every single print was 100% accurate. It’s really a thrill to see one’s own work rendered so beautifully.

So, now I have these small  prints, but have no need to keep them, since I already own copies of everything. That’s why I’m making them available to you… my adoring fans. (I can dream, can’t I?)

The proofs were ordered in two sets of three pictures each, so that’s how I’m selling them. Each set of three comes wrapped in tissue paper and is shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube. (In other words, the prints are rolled up and need to be flattened when they arrive. Here’s how to do that.

To make sure the prints quickly find a new home, I have priced each set at $45 plus shipping.

Good luck. This offer will be taken down when both sets have been sold.

The two sets are:

Set A:

“Synchronicity”  (10×10 inches)

Set B:

“My Hummer” (10×10 inches)

“BumbleWorld” (8×10 inches)

“Return to Clay”  (8×10 inches)

“Anartia Amathea” (8×10 inches)

“Dad” (8×10 inches)

If you’re interested in purchasing either set, or both, please contact me.

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