Pictures on a cubicle wall

Art, variety, and monotony

Let’s see if this description applies to you:
You have a painting, print, or drawing that you put on the wall right after you acquired it, and there it has stayed ever since.
Occasionally, you may look at the picture for a moment, but mostly, this artwork is part of the ambiance, and you have no interest in ever changing it out for some other work of art.
If I’ve just described you, then my free printables are likely to be of only limited use. No, I’ve created this website for a different kind of person; namely, for someone who seeks more variety in the home or office environment. If you are someone who gets bored with artwork over an extended period of time, then may be for you.
Some people have a great need for visual change, and nowhere is that more necessary than in an office cubicle.
The cubicle is monotonous by definition. It comes in a standardized size and muted colors (beige, grey, mauve, etc.). Everything is at right angles, and the structure is repeated many times on any given floor.
One  purpose of art in an environment like that is to liven the place up. Since the viewer is in the space day in and day out, it is particularly beneficial to have something new to look at every once in a while.
So this is one example of someone whom I’m trying to help: The cubicle dweller who does not have the money or the space for an extensive collection of art.

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