Steve Kobb, author of
“The Falls on 51”


Willow Salix is grateful to be an intern for Belidor Hydro, a big corporation that has just moved into its brand-new headquarters. Her company is now located in a spectacular, 60-story skyscraper, where the executives are getting ready for a black-tie party that will show off their new building in all its glory.

Why is Willow so grateful? That’s easy to understand; she works in a fabulous environment. More specifically: Belidor’s offices are arranged around a huge atrium that features a thundering, in-door waterfall!

Will the party-goers be impressed? Everyone assumed they would be, but only days before the big open house, two workmen inadvertently destroy a pump that powers the cascade.

The CEO tells Willow’s boss to take care of the problem, but unfortunately, her boss is hospitalized after a bicycle accident. That leaves Willow to save the day! She works out a way to get the water flowing again, but runs straight into corporate politics when the VP of Finance refuses to honor her deal with the pump repair man.

At the last minute, Willow straightens out that little problem, quits her job... and meets her repair man under the waterfall for a low-spice, slow-burn kiss.

Author's note

Once, many moons ago, I worked in a skyscraper. The building was SO high that people had to change elevators several times to reach the upper floors.

I remember the day when I first conceived of this story. While waiting for an elevator, I imagined what it might be like if the inside of this building were hollow, with all the offices arrayed around a giant waterfall that cascaded down from a very high floor right down the center.

When elevators are slow, the mind tends to wander! I couldn't stop thinking about the notion of a huge cascade on the inside of an office building. Maybe that's simply because I wanted to work in such a place.

Wouldn't you?

Well, so far, no office designer has come forward to create it, but that doesn't mean I can't live and work there... through fiction. And now, through the magic of publishing, you can come along.

I hope you'll enjoy the story. It's about a young woman who makes a commitment that is really hard to keep. She eventually succeeds and gets her HEA, but I'll leave that for you to explore.

Soon to be an audiobook
on Audible, narrated by
Jacalyn McQueeney.

Sample audio:

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